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We are occasionally asked if there are any resources that would help someone 'do it myself'.  We certainly understand the desire for this and have created the following resource lists for people to use. We wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction.



Talas has an extensive online catalog.  They have a large selection of just about everything.  They also have a nice supply of marbled paper.


Hollanders carries a full range of bookbinding supplies at reasonable prices and a nice website catalog.
For beginners, Connie likes to use their ‘custom split’  goat leather, which is already pared to a good thickness.  But it is completely pared and many professionals feel this weakens the book joints.   Once you've gotten good experience in paring the leather, then go ahead and order the regular bookbinding leather.

Hollanders basic bookbinding supplies link:

Hollanders leather supplies link:

Colphon.  Located in Olympia, Washington.  Good supply of bookcloth, thread and needles.

Good list of other suppliers:



American Academy of Bookbinding – Good conservation training.  This school is the only one that several people have recommended to me.




Alaska conservation book repair manual.  Good basic review of most of the repair techniques.  You can download it as a pdf.

The Book Arts Web Preservation and Conservation Links.


These two are the ‘must have’ books for any serious book repair/restoration/conservation workshop, especially with leather.

“Bookbinding and Conservation by Hand   A working guide” Laura S. Young

“The Restoration of Leather Bindings” Bernard C. Middleton



These two organizations have put together really great book restoration DVD's.  I highly recommend these DVD's for any serious book repair/restoration/conservation workshop.  This is because you can revisit them time and again for help on specific topics that you may not do very often .... for example paper repair, leather rebacks, etc.  Also they are extremely useful for training new employees.  Either one of these organizations offers one on one training or a guided home study program.

Bookbinders Workshop

Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild

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